Liz Hughart

A little about Liz:

Kid's names and ages:
Ella 3.5 years old
Blake 2 years old
Due with #3 on Christmas Eve

I have been a member of FIT4MOM since June 2016 and began the certification process right after.

Favorite exercise move: Squats! Love a good squatting station!

Favorite thing to do on a weekend when there are no plans: Go on an adventure with my family. We love exploring and finding fun things to do.

One really cool thing about you is: I'm getting to do my dream job! Being a stay at home mommy and fitness instructor gives me so much joy!

The best thing about you is: I'm really go with the flow and love helping others out.

Tuesday – March 26, 2019


Wednesday – March 27, 2019


Thursday – March 28, 2019


Friday – March 29, 2019