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5 Reasons to Join Body Back Transformation!

FIT4MOM has been in Queen Creek for over 3 years now and I am guessing when you hear the name you think of Stroller Strides, which is a great program for mamas of younger kiddos. Did you know that we also offer an amazing program for mamas that have kiddos that are no longer in a stroller, or like to have me time for their workouts or don't have kids?

Body Back Transformation is our High Intensity, boot camp style, nutrition guidance, motivation and time focus time for yourself!

1. High intensity workout (boot camp style)

Of course the main reason you join any workout class is for the workout tself and BB Tarnsformation does NOT disappoint. This class is HIIT style and will push you to work your hardest and see some awesome results. We have small class sizes which really helps us see your goals and really work with you as an indivdual and modify.

2. Stay Accountable

BB Transformation is not only 2 HIIT classes a week but rather an 8 week journey of online challenges, a coach that is there for you, nutrition and other moms cheering eachother on.

3. Realistic Eating Habits

We have all been on a diet or 2 (or many more) that we have stopped after a couple weeks and yo yoed right back. The nutrtion component of BB Transformation is teaching you ways to eat and what to eat so that you can create a healthy habit. We want you to complete the weeks feeling in charge of your food and not overwhelmed by something you can't eat anymore. Everything in moderation!

4. Me time

Everyone needs a little me time and this class is just the way to get it. Of course the meditation at the end of each class is just an awesome bonus.

5. Friendship

We create an environment of empowered women empowering eachother! The friendships that are made in class are probably one of the best parts about this program. The small class sizes really help you to get to know eachother better and creates an envirmonment that helps to keep eachother accountable.

Body Back Transformation is the perfect way to start 2018 off on the right foot! It is everything you need packed into 8 weeks! We have 2 sessions starting next week. Either drop your kids at school and come join our morning class or join us after work at our evening class!

Need one more reason?!? Check out the results below!

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