Fit4Baby »

Chelsea H.

"I joined Fit4Baby to make sure I did not have the same issues I had with my first pregnancy. With my first I gained 40 lbs and had to be induced 2 weeks and a day early due to pre-eclampsia. I wanted to be able to go through pregnancy, birth, and the start of the next chapter without feeling drained. When I went into labor it wasn't as painful as I thought it would be and when I was at the hospital they were amazed I was dilated as far as I was and still able to walk and laugh. The nurse, midwife, and my Doula were all amazed at how easy the birth was; checked into hospital by 1a and my daughter was born by 3:18a. After getting home my parents were even surprised at how alert and energetic I was though I had only given birth 12 hours prior. I contribute that all to Fit4Baby, but not only did the Fit4Baby group help me only gain 22 pounds, kept me energized throughout my pregnancy, birth, and weeks after, but it also introduced me to women who were also in the same boat I was. We have kept in touch on Facebook since that group and have watched each other's little ones grow. Two...


Me time »


Body Back pushed me to new limits and taught me that it's okay to have me time! The weight loss, strength gained and energy earned are all awesome bonuses that come with that hour of me time.


Body Back is so much more! »

Stacie Carter

Body back has become more than a workout group to me over the last two years. It has become a group of friends who hold me accountable for being there and taking care of myself! My instructor pushes me on days when I want to quit and helped me reach my goals each session! The workouts are great, but the friends, support and personal growth are the real prize of being a part of this group for me.


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