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Save Time and Enjoy the Holidays!

With the Holidays approaching it is very easy to feel overwhelmed with the hustle-and-bustle of the season! Sometimes I feel like we spend more time preparing to be with our loved ones rather than actually spending time with them! Below are my top 5 ways to make this holiday season more about time with family without the added stress.

1. Handprint/Footprint Crafts. Think of holiday themed shapes such as trees, snowflakes, and turkeys, and spend just a few minutes making keepsake memories to cherish for a lifetime. These are simple, inexpensive gifts great for grandparents!

2. Frozen Steamer Vegetables. Save time cooking throughout the whole season and during your celebratory meals/parties by purchasing frozen steam-in-bag vegetables! These are healthy alternatives to salted or preserved vegetables and provide a quick and easy side dish for any occasion.

3. Sticker Tree. For just a few dollars you can let the kids decorate their own space without fear that the rest of your décor will be attacked! All you need is a 4’X4’ wall space, a roll of green Washi tape, and a few sheets of stickers. Using the tape, create a small tree using the easily removable Washi tape and allow your kids to decorate the tree with stickers!!

4. Meal Preparation. When preparing meals, if possible, prepare double the normal amount and freeze in separate containers. With holiday parties, family get-togethers, work events, and kid’s events, it can get pretty hectic, especially right before a big celebration. By preparing extra food and freezing it (when you have time) you can save yourself time, money, and calories by just reheating something healthy and homemade later on!

5. Less is more with décor. When decorating your house or preparing for a big event, don’t pull out every decoration you have. You can save time by picking a few cherished items or creating a theme to help narrow down what you want to be showcased!

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