Mom of the Month

We are celebrating our 2 year anniversary here at FIT4MOM Queen Creek and I am beyond blessed to be able to celebrate with my originals that started with me 2 years ago. Lindsey started with us and has been a Body Back member and Stroller Strides member and always puts a smile on my face as soon as she pulls up and her (almost) 4 year old yells, "Good Morning!"

Lindsey is so sweet and

1. Hometown and how long have you lived here

My hometown is Barstow, CA. I've lived here for 19 years.

2. Family members

My husband is Jeff, and my daughters are Magnolia (almost 4) and Adeline (just turned 2).

3. Current/previous career

I worked at a medical device company.

4. What was your childhood ambition

I wanted to be a figure skater. My best friend and I would pretend we could do double axels in our roller blades. We didn't have an ice skating rink in our town though, so I didn't go ice skating for the first time until I was in college. My dreams of being the next Kristi Yamaguchi were not meant to be.

5. What does motherhood mean to you

Motherhood to me means experiencing my biggest challenges and my greatest joys. I've never been so exhausted, but I've also never laughed so hard.

6. Why do you love Stroller Strides?

I love seeing the influence it has on my kids. The first time I saw Magnolia doing a wall sit at home, I realized it was not too early for me to be a role model of healthy living to her.

7. Favorite exercise

Running drills.

8. Proudest moment

Apart from the kids, probably graduating from college.

9. 3 of your favorite things besides your family

Coffee, reading and doing crafty stuff.

10. Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us

I love to sing, but not around other people. I sing around my house all day. Does everyone do that? Maybe that's not all that surprising.

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