Healthy Snack with Chia Seeds

I often get the question, "what are some healthy, quick snacks I can eat throughout the day or when I am in a hurry?" Of course the fact that we are moms is the main reason for this question. It seems like sometimes the easiest snacks to grab are not the healthiest or what we want to be eating.

One of my favorite snacks that I recently started turning to is a banana wrap with almond butter and chia seeds. When I first found this recipe here, it seemed the perfect snack to me as I love peanut butter and bananas. I had recently just switched over to almond butter so that was the only change I made. It was super easy to make and took no more than a minute or 2.

Another reason I loved this recipe is because it had an awesome nutritious kick to it with the chia seeds. Chia seeds have healthy omega 3 fats, fiber and a great source of protein! Check out some more of the health benefits of these awesome little seeds!


Whole wheat tortilla

almond butter


chia seeds

First you take the tortilla and spread almond butter on it. Then put the banana on top and sprinkle with chia seeds. Roll it up and if you want to make it a little easier to hold or share with your little one, you can cut it in half. Happy snacking!

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