5 Tips to Help You Drink More Water

Our nutrition tip this week for our Get Fit Challenge is to drink water, water, water! I know that as a mom we are so preoccupied with being mom that we forget about ourselves and what we should be doing to keep us healthy! This is something I struggle with often as well and so I thought I would pass on the “tools” I have utilized to ensure I hit my minimum of 6-8, 8 oz glasses a day.

  1. Add fruit to your water- This is something that is so yummy and yet super easy. Any fruit that you like to eat will taste great in the water. I sometimes use frozen too depending on what I have on hand. Note: It also makes you feel super important.

  2. Use a straw- I am a big fan of using a straw to help make sure I get in my water for the day. I tend to drink more when I have my water on the counter with a straw in it.

  3. Always carry a water bottle or keep a glass filled on counter- This is the number one thing I have to do, especially on a busy day when I know water will be the last thing on my mind. It helps for me to see the water. Make it visible!!

  4. Tally Marks- This is from one of our amazing momma members, Liz Dul! Keep tally marks on your refrigerator every time you have one of your 8 oz glass.

  5. Add Ice- I also tend to drink more water if it has ice in it. That being said, I know many people that don’t like ice in their water so this won’t work for everyone.

So go grab a glass and get on your way to getting at least your minimal water intake today! Please share below any secrets you use to make sure you are drinking your water.

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