5 Things Mentally Strong Mommies Avoid

Last week an interesting article on Forbes.com caught my eye, “Mentally Strong People, the 13 Things They Avoid”!


As I read through the items on the list, it was easy to realize many of them were synonymous with being a mentally strong mom. Below is a highlight of my favorite points on their list.

The 5 things mentally strong mommies avoid:

1) Shy away from change.

Having a family is a dynamic process, things are always changing! Yesterday your little one loved peas and sat in a rear-facing car seat, today it’s graham crackers and a booster seat! Not only does everything change with your own emotions/body/lifestyle but you also have to account for the millions of changes that are occurring in your little ones! Mentally strong moms “embrace that change” and welcome it as new learning opportunity and a chance to only get better!

2) Waste energy on things they can’t control.

The water heater dies, car tire gets a flat, and your little one’s shoe somehow got left at the pizza place; life’s little potholes happen every day! Mentally strong moms don’t dwell on the incident that is out of their control, they instead focus on how they can remedy the situation, even if it is just a temporary fix!

3) Fear taking calculated risks.

Pretty much all moms weigh the pros and cons of all the decisions they will make for them and their families. From going back to work to choosing what’s healthiest for dinner, any of these decisions can technically be considered risks. A mentally strong mom isn’t afraid to have her family try a new vegetable because she has already thought about the worst case scenarios and can weigh the cost benefits over the risk!

4) Resent other people’s success!

All of the mentally strong moms I have been fortunate to meet possess this amazing quality, they are truly happy for other people’s (especially other mom’s) successes! It takes amazing character to not be jealous of the mom who has her kids in bed by 7, clothes all put away, and the magazine cover tidy home! A strong mom celebrates others accomplishments and might even takes notes to help improve themselves!

5) Give up after failure.

Mentally strong moms learn from their failures and use these opportunities to learn, not to self loathe! It is natural to feel like a failure at many things while parenting. There’s feeding, potty training, science projects, baking- the list goes on and on with things that can be successful or failures. As a mom, having good mental strength can help you realize that your “failures” are chances to grow and ultimately help you reach other goals!

I definitely hope to continuously work on these every day of my “mom Journey”!

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